Eating a big breakfast is the key to keeping, according to new research.
Experts say that the bigger the food and more cabohydrates-laden the meal is, the better. The study found women who eat half of thier daily calories first thing lose more weight in the long term than those who start who start a day with a small breakfast.
And they are also less likely pile the pounds back on. It is thought that eating a meal packed with protein and carbohydrates helpes cut cravings for sweet or starchy foods as well as boosting the metabolism.
Nutriction Angela Dowder said; "A big breakfast everyday might be impratical but you are more able to deal with hunger pangs later and eat less overall. The ideal breakfast is grilled bacon sansage, scrambled egg, mushrooms and tomatoes. It must be low-fat, high protein , grilled, not fried"
Scientist compared the "big breakfast" diet with a strict low-carb weight-loss regime. They studied 94 obese, inactive women and found that carb dieters initially loss more weight. But the "big breakfast" group continued to loss weight while those on strictdiet regained almost all thier weight loss.
Dr. jakubowiz, from Hospital de Clinicals in Caracas, Venezuala, who led the study said "A very low carbohydrate deit exacerbaths the craving for carbohydrates and slows metabolism. After a short period of weight loss, there is quick return to obesity" Dr. jakubowics said

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